Pudlo france 2008-2009 (pudlo france): a hotel and restaurant guide

Pudlo france 2008-2009 (pudlo france): a hotel and restaurant guide image

Gilles Pudlowski was called by Food & Wine “one of [France’s] most ubiquitous and influential food critics.” His renowned guide–published annually for almost two decades–is now available in English.Don’t go to France without it! Pudlo France 2008—2009 lists and describes thousands of the most desirable hotels and restaurants in villages, towns, and cities throughout the country, from the Mediterranean to the Alps. Pudlo France 2008—2009 is:• comprehensive: Pudlo France lists accommodations of all sizes and for all budgets and tastes, and restaurants at every level of sophistication–all held to Gilles Pudlowski’s exacting standards of quality and service• detailed: the description of each hotel or restaurant includes ambience, menu items, amenities, and a wealth of enlightening information• completely up-to-date: unlike Michelin, Pudlo is the only guide that updates each entry yearly• authoritative: Gilles Pudlowski is France’s most respected food critic, and the Pudlo guides, not only for Paris restaurants and hotels but for restaurants throughout France, are “the guides everyone trusts.” Whether you’re looking for a modest pensionne in a medieval village or a luxe château in the Loire Valley, a seaside café on the Riviera or a vineyard in Burgundy, Pudlo France offers an inexhaustible array of choices–all of them enchanting.

Published: 39597

Pages: 1184

ISBN: 1892145510